Qiangzi couldn’t help but cursed Yang Zhi……

“Chase if you like,Not ashamed to catch up,Xiaoxue has no boyfriend now,I usually don’t meet any men around me,Such a good opportunity,It’s a pity if you don’t hold it。”
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Chapter two thousand nine hundred and fifty Then you like people shit
Ma Lin also said with regret。
“Zhao Tuo,You are a brainy guy,What do you think about this?”
Yang Zhi was obviously instigated by the words of the two brothers to have the desire to pursue Shen Ruoxue,So I turned my face and asked Zhao Tuo seriously。
“If it’s me,I will take the initiative to pursue the girl I like without hesitation,Became the best of nature,It doesn’t matter if you can’t make it,At least i tried,So there will be no regrets in the future,And you haven’t taken the initiative to pursue Xiaoxue,How do you know it won’t happen?”
Zhao Tuo answered with a smile。
Different from Qin Liang,Hadron,Ma Lin and Zhao Tuo stay with Yang Zhi every day,That’s why Yang Zhi has a deep love for Shen Ruoxue’s virtue,All three of them are watching,Just Yang Zhi“Love”Shen Ruoxue loves humble,Make these three brothers a little bit despise him。
Qin Liang is willing to help Qiangzi match Li Qiaoer;Help Marin match Li Yaxin;Help Zhao Tuo match the mandarin ducks;There are several reasons for not helping Yang Zhi match Shen Ruoxue.。
The most critical point is;Shen Ruoxue is Qin Liang’s wife and sister,Is Shen Ruoxi’s sister,Is Qin Liang’s sister-in-law,So it’s not easy for Qin Liang to take the initiative to find a boyfriend for Shen Ruoxue and Zhang Luo.。
The second point is;Qin Liang and Yang Zhi thought the same,Shen Ruoxue is too good and perfect,Don’t say it’s a stupid big man like Yang Zhi,The average man is really not worthy of Shen Ruoxue,So Qin Liang feels that Shen Ruoxue will not like Yang Zhi this stupid boy.,It’s also a white gang,Maybe it makes everyone embarrassed in the end。
The third point cannot be said on the bright side……
Shen Ruoxue is such a beautiful girl,Which man doesn’t want her!If Qin Liang is not her real brother-in-law,,Had made her idea long ago!But there is the relationship between brother-in-law and sister-in-law,Qin Liang will not have any bad intentions against Shen Ruoxue anyway。But he didn’t want Shen Ruoxue to be acquired by any man other than himself!