Avoid the boring noise,Sheng San got into the car and started the engine and slid far away,he’s gone。

Look at Lu Feng, who has corrupted his family’s reputation and reputation,The dissatisfied Sheng Zegang rolled up his sleeves and came over,I haven’t asked Lu Feng for his family’s reputation loss fee,This kid actually ran to ask his family for New Year money,Excessive!Principal Zhang and Lawyer Zheng, who accompanied Lu Feng to see off the guests, watched tacitly.,I finally confirmed who Xiaofang was targeting,It’s just that Sheng San’s overly petty brother,Really surprising。always‘Observer’Sheng San’s brother who was watching the meeting seemed to be easy to get close to.,actually not,At least Lawyer Zheng would never take the initiative to chat with this type of person,This person is not easy to mess with。
The probe looked at the noise over there,I wonder if the so-called quarrel did not affect Xu Yi’s schedule,Fang Yourong who betrayed his personal information anytime and anywhere should be bullied and bullied,Leave Xiaofang,Xu Yi went on a date with a beautiful girl。
Can occupy a piece of land in this financial city where the weak and the strong,No one is easy to mess with,A few strokes fell Lu Feng,The victorious Sheng Zegang showed his tyranny unknown to the outside world。
Instruct Fang Yourong to get in the car,Sail out of this vast shipyard,Sheng Zegang showed off with a smile:“See,I said I would avenge you。”
Looking at the rearview mirror, Principal Zhang, who couldn’t help but laughed, helped him up to the still angry Lu Feng.,Fang Yourong is dumb,Turning around to see Sheng Zegang who actually used his fists to his good friends,He really can’t understand whether Sheng Zegang is gentle or savage,but,It feels good to be maintained by a lover。
Beat up Lu Feng,Sheng Zegang has no guilt,Often together,I’ve long been used to this style of play。Driving on the open road,Sheng Zegang looked at Fang Yourong and smiled:“Our family is so valued,My pressure has increased,It seems to take some time to calculate,Can’t give you a chance to run away。”
Sheng Zegang, who didn’t get a response, looked at Fang Yourong who was thinking about touching his chin,He asked curiously:“What are you thinking?”
“I’m thinking that you are praising me?Still suspicion of me?”
Holding the almost slippery car,Sheng Zegang murmured:“How unromantic you are,I know it,To avoid unnecessary trouble,Such unclear themes I think are romantic words,Try not to say anything in the future。”Why did he say a little romantic speech when Fang Yourong’s side changed his taste?Really worthy of reflection。
Looking at the discouraged Sheng Zegang,Fang Yourong smiled faintly,Ha ha,His family has just been hit。
“We go home。”