In a blink of an eye, the spring of the second year。This spring,It is the busiest for Peng Changyi,Because the city last fall,Opened the curtain on cleaning up rural homesteads,According to the unified deployment of the city,Kangzhou will spend a year,Complete the clean-up of rural homesteads,And uniformly issue new homestead use permits。North City from last fall to this spring,Self-examination and self-correction stage,All problematic villages,If you can solve it by yourself,Invade the street、Chaotic builder,If you don’t demolish the illegal building before this,Then it will be demolished by the district,For those who occupy and occupy more homesteads,Will be based on uniform standards,Pay all the homestead usage fees,And accept the corresponding punishment。

undoubtedly,This is a more difficult rural job。
Although the village was left for autumn and winter to clean up on its own,however,The characteristics of grassroots work determine,In addition to the establishment of detailed homestead cleaning accounts in each village,Did not clean up a household by himself。Are waiting to see。
4Month one,According to the unified deployment of the city,Beicheng sent two working groups to clean up and rectify rural homesteads,The problem is the most prominent,Lihetun and Sanjiadian are also the worst。
Lihetun is a typical village with more people and less land,It is close to the rice township known as the land of fish and rice in the hinterland of Kangzhou,Is a relatively wealthy village in Beicheng,Because there is little arable land,Most of the surplus labor went out to work,In rural areas,The biggest manifestation of improved economic conditions is to improve living conditions——Build a new house。The per capita land area used in this village is the least in the city,Only two and a half minutes。But many houses built on the edge of the village,All expand out,Occupation of cultivated land、The phenomenon of building houses on private plots is also common。This village should use homesteads disorderly、The worst privately built village,It is also the village with the heaviest cleanup task。
Peng Changyi absorbed the suggestions of Wang Jiadong and Jiang Fan,Don’t take the team to the countryside personally。Instead, deputy secretary Liu Zhong and deputy director Tian Chong each lead a working group,Stationed in these two villages separately。To facilitate work,Ask these team members to eat and live in the village。
Although Peng Changyi did not personally lead the team to the countryside,But he is used to wanting to participate in everything himself,I was restless at work,Especially many officials know that Director Peng does not personally lead the team to the countryside,Very disappointed,This also allows Peng Changyi to have a“Break away from the masses”a feeling of。The reason why Peng Changyi arrived in Beicheng,Recognized by cadres and grassroots people,Much depends on that he has always been with the crowd,He is at the forefront of all difficult tasks,This not only enriches his practical experience in grassroots work,So that he can be trained in the intricate rural work,Also won the trust of grassroots cadres。He was so upset this time,Because in this more difficult task,Did not come to the front line,I really don’t know。
He is especially worried about Tian Chong’s group。It is understood,Tian Chong’s group chose to station in Lihetun today,It is because of a family of villagers,Ignore repeated advice,Building a house illegally in private land,Today the working group used forklifts and other tools,Is to forcibly stop building illegal houses。
As early as a week ago, the North City Task Force gave this family a notice not to build a house privately.,But this household not only does not stop,Instead, it has increased the speed of building houses,Construction at night。autumn,Is the season for building houses in rural areas,Many people who are preparing to build a house are eager to try,If no effective measures are taken against this household,Then many people will follow suit,Cleanup work becomes empty talk。
This family’s surname is Bai,Not only rich but also background,All three sons are state officials,The eldest son is the deputy head of the county,The second son is in the criminal police brigade of the development zone,Was recently promoted to deputy captain,The youngest son is a state-run teacher in the village primary school,The house was actually built for this little son。
The working group went to this house three times to do work,They also issued three suspension notices for their behavior of building houses,I also used my second son in the city to do home work。Who knows,All these measures are ineffective,Not only did this family not listen,But it speeds up the building,Less than two days,Just build up the old platform,Three more days have passed,Three walls are also up。When they first started,Peng Changyi asked Tian Chong to place a notice,And once every other day,Three notices have been issued,It’s about to be capped,Only then sent a team to the village,Implement forced demolition。
For such a tough nail user,Peng Changyi is extremely worried about not going to the front line in person。He sent Liu Zhong and his team to assist Tian Chong today,Two groups converge。
For the house that turned a deaf ear to it and forcibly built it on the farmland,Must be demolished to restore the landform。
Peng Changyi went around the house,Out of the office again,The doors of other offices are closed,Most government officials have gone to the countryside,Only the party’s door is hidden,He opened the door of the party office again,I saw Yao Ping lowering his head and writing something,Seeing him come in, he quickly closed the notebook and stood up,Said: