Meizi is wearing a police uniform,It’s not easy to kneel and kowtow to Bai Daochang outside.,That would damage the image of the police too,That’s why Yang Shiyun said that the ceremony of apprenticeship will be discussed when he returns home……And he must agree to accept plum as a disciple.,Yang Shiyun can teach Meizi this set of kung fu。&1t;/p>

“This is very important,Then Shiyun, take Meizi to see Daochang Bai first.,Then just came back and taught us three at the same time。”&1t;/p>
Shen Ruoxi nodded and said。&1t;/p>
“Row,That big sister,Second sister,You two practice by yourself first,I’ll take Meizi over。”&1t;/p>
Yang Shiyun and Shen Ruoxi,Murong Shan said hello,Took Meizi and hurried away。&1t;/p>
“How is Meizi’s skill??”&1t;/p>
Murong Shan waited for Yang Shiyun and Meizi to leave,I asked Shen Ruoxi in a low voice。&1t;/p>
“Very powerful,Should be above Xiaoxue and Xiaoyun。”&1t;/p>
Shen Ruoxi said vaguely,But she was not wrong;Meizi’s skill is indeed better than Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun,There is no doubt about this,After all, Mei Zi is a talented student who graduated from police academy,Received formal training in a professional system,How can Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun, two half-done girls, can compare……At least not at this stage。&1t;/p>
Daochang Bai is dedicated to tutoring Xiao Yuer and Murong Xiaoyao,Murong Xiaoyao has been with Bai Dao for several months,I’m already familiar with this set of skills,So basically there is no need to tutor,It’s mainly Xiao Yu’er who started to learn Kung Fu on the first day,Need to teach you seriously。&1t;/p>
“master,Excuse you。”&1t;/p>
Yang Shiyun took Meizi to the side of Daochang Bai,Respectfully。&1t;/p>
“Yep,what happened?”&1t;/p>