The car stopped in front of a group of yurts,Qin Liang parked the car,Walked down with Shen Ruoxue。

“Brother-in-law,Are these real yurts?I have never lived in a yurt。”
Shen Ruoxue looked at the scenery in front of her curiously,A little excited to say。
“This is made according to the real yurt,Basically exactly the same,It’s a pity you have to go to school tomorrow,Otherwise we can live here for one night。”
Qin Liang is not interested in yurts,But roast whole lamb and mare kumiss,You can’t drink kumiss in the city.,Roast whole lamb is available in many places,But the taste of roasting with a machine is completely different from the taste of roasting with wood here。
“Or i won’t go to school tomorrow,Let’s stay here for one night。”
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Chapter Two Hundred and Sixteen Beautiful as jade
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Beautiful as jade
Shen Ruoxue immediately ran to Qin Liang’s side,Took his arm and said。
“No way,Go to school if you need to go to school,School discipline must be strictly observed at all times。”
Without thinking about it, Qin Liang immediately rejected Shen Ruoxue’s proposal.,As an elite of special forces,Strict observance of discipline is already a creed that has deeply melted into his bone marrow and blood。
“Why do you mean me……Really,I just said it casually。”
Shen Ruoxue pursed her mouth immediately,Look aggrieved。
“amount……sorry Sorry,Brother-in-law is not aggressive with you,Brother-in-law teased you on purpose。”
Qin Liang just realized,I am not facing my former subordinates,It’s all beautiful,Tender and cute sister-in-law,So he hurriedly coaxed Shen Ruoxue with a gentle tone。
“Brother-in-law, you were a soldier before, right??I feel that the way you spoke just now looks like the soldiers in the TV series。”
Qin Liang,Shen Ruoxue immediately turned her anger into joy,She asked Qin Liang curiously。