The mayor said:“The people in the poor country have no money。”

Peng Changyi said:“Poor ways,No money to pay a fine,Let’s do this job,The people can only listen to you。”
The mayor said:“correct,What do you do with the secretly buried?”
Peng Changyi said:“Try to avoid this happening,This requires the hired information officer to be highly responsible。”
“Say so,Something like this will always happen。”
“If found buried,After the government knows,Forced cremation,Pay a certain fine。”
The mayor asked again:“If you come across a big money,Willing to pay,You can pay as much,Just let him bury,What do you do in this situation?”
Peng Changyi said:“We look at the problem you said like this,Because this work must incur costs,For example, we hire people to set up teams,There is a fee for people to eat horses,There is also incentive funds for this work,Relying on unit financial payment alone is definitely not a small amount。According to our own actual situation,Also set the standard as appropriate。Really willing to pay for the burial,Land compensation fee,but,Must be buried in accordance with uniform requirements,I can’t bury as I want,Bury where you want。Our standard is deeply buried,Must reach the required depth,And no graves are allowed on it。”
“How much land compensation payment?”
“We stipulate five thousand。”
“Five thousand?Too high?”
“Correct,The basis for setting this standard was to be high,So high that he can’t afford it。Because collecting fines is not the purpose,Just a means。But our reward is also high,Active cremation,After the Civil Affairs Bureau waived all cremation fees,We also reward separately500yuan。”
“500?If a few people die in the whole town this day,my God,The wages of several half-time cadres are gone!as far as I know,Your rewards and punishments are the greatest,Now active cremation reward,Where after?”
“After completion of phased work,Only penalty but no reward,Dude,This job is the same as family planning,The difficulty is not low,If you don’t have a bit of money,Unreachable。”