Liu Xiaoyun called haha,Didn’t say anything,Shen Ruoxue also didn’t speak,Because she was also shocked by what Liu Xiaoyun said just now!Although she always talked to Qin Liang, she didn’t have any unbridled things,But she never dared to make such a bold joke with Qin Liang。
If Liu Xiaoyun accidentally said these words without thinking,,That’s not a big deal,But Liu Xiaoyun said this on purpose,So she can only say that her courage and courage are really big enough!
Li Qiaoer, Li Yaxin, Xiaoyuer and Murong Xiaoyue were also scared enough。
Only Zheng Jie was not scared,But she was also surprised,Because she knows that Qin Liang is the dragon soul boss,She was surprised that Liu Xiaoyun dared to talk to Qin Liang like this。
So what Liu Xiaoyun did just now is tantamount to shocking everyone present,Including Qin Liang……
But she won the bet!
Qin Liang really didn’t pursue her disobedience。
Qin Liang really accommodated her。
The topic just now“Naturally”Is over,Because Liu Xiaoyun made a big joke,It’s so big that even Qin Liang doesn’t have any plans to continue that topic.。
“Brother-in-law,Can we take a shower?Don’t delay those brothers sleeping,Otherwise we would be a bit too much。”
Liu Xiaoyun took the initiative to change the topic。
“it is good,Then you go take a bath,Be careful not to burn。”