Gently open the black box,A powerful condensed energy is released。Although the energy is strong,But surprisingly gentle。

The moment the box was opened,The whole world stirred up ripples。The surrounding vegetation is trembling slightly,Cheers。
That is a strange bone in the box。
Its whole body is crystal clear blue gold,There seems to be a little star shining inside,The most peculiar thing is,It brings a feeling of life,As if this bone actually has life。
If anyone with a discerning eye is here,Will be shocked。
because,This is a soul bone。And only one hundred thousand year old soul beasts will have such a majestic life form,The quality of this soul bone is obviously more than 100,000 years!
This soul bone,Light and dark,Shining with countless dazzling blue and golden lights,Seems to be cheering。
“A silver,is it you?Did you come alive?Although I don’t know what happened to you。But I can clearly feel your presence。”Stroking the bright blue soul bone in his hand,Tang Hao allowed his tears to keep ticking on it。
Tell a long time,Tang Hao stopped。
Looking at the extremely active soul bone in his hand,Tang Hao suddenly felt very happy,That dead heart,And gradually became more active。
He has a hunch,A Yin must be alive。Although he doesn’t know what made Ah Yin come alive,But Ah Yin’s resurrection is enough to make him thankful。Where can I manage so many?
His eyes returned to the withered blue silver grass again,The sadness in my eyes is gone。He finally understood why he planted the seeds A Yin gave him here,It will die。It turned out that A Yin came alive。
This seed is the seed of life that Ah Yin gave him。Now A Yin is alive,It loses the meaning of living。
Figured this out,Tang Hao couldn’t help but feel relieved,He can perceive the existence of Ah Yin through the spirit ring that Ah Yin sacrificed to him。
Put the withered blue silver grass into a gentle box。Tang Hao strode out。
All the way west。
He can feel Ah Yin’s direction through his spirit ring。
Notting City