Put it here in China,That must not be a super player?

Relying on their strong physique,Tall height,Hua Guo team wants to enter4To5Balls,It’s really not that easy。
Look at the weak character of the Hua Guo team,That is, the guy who came last is slightly taller,But one size smaller than the shortest member of the Greek team。
and so……What are you afraid of?
“Wait,If you lose,What should I do?”The Greek team shouted the Chinese team member who wanted to go away。
“What do you say?”Lei Xiaode said with a smile。
“How about this……You just run three times around the hotel,Shout while running‘Greece team is the strongest,The beauty of the Greek team.Women are the most beautiful’,alright?”A member of the Greek team pondered for a long time,Just made a request。
In their view,This is a losing game for the Hua Guo team,They still can’t win,So the conditions are not too high。
Besides, this group of Greek team members,It’s also a math master,Not a social person,Of course not so violent and arrogant。
“it is good!”
Lei Xiaode agreed,Pulling a few people away。
Shen Huan looked funny,Followed too。
What idea did Lei Xiaode make?,Is it now,Does Shen Huan still know??
Among the Chinese Olympic Team,Zou Yuhang’s face is a bit pale,“Xiaode,Why are you betting on this with them?I lost so much noise,The leader, they know,We are not being scolded?”