then,Privately arrange someone to take over。

While taking over,Attack this Lu Wei by yourself。
By the time,I can not only get the money back,Lian Emperor Jade,Can also get。
This is a way to kill two birds with one stone。
just,Lu Wei is still in the dark at the moment,I don’t even know。
“housekeeper,Same as you guessed,The other party is ready to run away。”
The person assigned to supervise,Heard from the housekeeper,Replied。
“Haha!!I knew it would be like this。”
“You continue to monitor,See when the ticket bought by the other party took off,I strive to be when the opponent is ready to run,Timely shot,Leave the other party behind。”
“And you,Remember to arrange a reliable person,Wait for the moment when the other party changes hands tomorrow,Bought the other’s company,Know if?”
housekeeper,Look at your own men,Open road。
“Got it,housekeeper。”
This person,It seems that the calculation of the housekeeper,It’s already clear。
The butler who heard this,Wave,Open road:“Ok,In this case,Then you go back first,keep an eye on,Take each other’s every move,Keep me watching。”
Man finished,Also left。
And for Lu Wei who was calculated,Don’t know anything at the moment。
I only know that I have dinner with my wife。