In fact, he really doesn’t like the Lakers,Especially not optimistic about Shen Huan’s strength。

Shen Huan cares so much about the princess,I like to use Shen Huan so much,Treat Shen Huan so kindly,Many of them have opinions。
It’s just an outbreak now。
And it’s still a well-founded outbreak。
Not even an American expert is optimistic about the Lakers,Optimistic about Shen Huan,Why can he perform miracles?? impulsively spent this time3000Ten thousand dollars,Just wait to cry with Shen Huan!!
First530chapter Gorgeous scenery
Silence in the face of outside criticism,Are the Lakers really just trying to cheer themselves up??
of course not!
Only the Lakers know,I’m afraid the outsiders will be disappointed this time。
Especially the Portland Trail Blazers,They have a relaxed attitude towards the outside world,I feel that the first round of the playoffs is just an excess for them,Their real war,Started in the Western Conference semifinals。