First1108chapter Farewell to Huan Ye!

Shen Huan got on Kobe’s private jet,Direct flight from Huajing to Los Angeles。
Outside the airport,Thousands of fans are sending off Shen Huan,I hope Shen Huan can get a good grade back。
As in recent hundreds of years,A very weak Chinese in competitive sports,Very eager to stand on the stage of China,Become the protagonist。
When Dayao went to the United States before,,Just like this。
But Dayao can only be regarded as the superstar of the alliance era,No way to become a unique superstar。
Some people even belittle Dayao,That he is not even a superstar,Can only be regarded as a superstar,This would be too demeaning to him。
Dayao at his peak,Even O’Neal is not afraid of it alone,Under the basket is a dominant presence。
If not for the Rockets,Who is co-shooting with Dayao, who are they replacing?,In addition, Dayao hurt his knee and body because of weight gain,That’s why Dayao’s sports career is so short,I didn’t get the coveted honor。
Shen Huan is different。
He has never trained in basketball before,I just practice hard by myself,Then at17Years of age turned out,With amazing talent,causedNBAAttention。
Wait till Shen Huan is happy18Years old,He participated in the first playoffs in his life。
Everyone thought,Shen Huan can have such an experience,Have such a playoff experience,Is already a valuable asset in his life,He will do better in the future。
As a result, no one can think of it,Including Kobe and Iverson did not expect,Shen Huan was extremely stunning from the first playoffs,Hammered the opponent in one breath,Hit the opponent4:0。
Since then,People are witnessing miracles。