Even if I don’t like it,You can also take it home to wait and play。</p>

Thought of here,Brother Chao can’t wait,Tao:“Bar,What task。”</p>
WuPDTao:“Task stuck here,See for yourself。”</p>
Super brother walked over,Take over the card,Read it,As for why you should read it?That’s because of age,It’s easier to read the serial in silent reading。</p>
Brother Chao squinted and read:“As an agent,I will have the right,To make some rules of the game,Create some favorable environment for yourself。”</p>
See here,Super happy,The desire for a hot show is gradually rising,He is holding a big signature pen,Tao:“Know yourself and the enemy,Never end,Let me analyze it below,IQ of each member of the running men’s team。”</p>
In WuPDUnder the sign of,A single shot for super brother,Brother Chao came to the blackboard with his signature pen,Desi Road:“right now,So I invited detective Deng,Give everyone an analysis。”</p>
The pictures of the brotherhood members are posted on the blackboard in turn,Brother Chao wrote on the blackboard one by one“1,2,3,4These four Arabic numerals”。</p>
WuPDLook dumbfounded,Tao:“Super brother,what do you mean?”</p>
Super brother:“play games,Fighting is IQ and acting skills,I’m not afraid of acting,The key is IQ,There are a few particularly tricky guys inside。”</p>
Another room,Li Chen and Chen He both smiled,Chen Chi Equator:“Hey,The highest grade must belong to me,I’m just。”</p>
babyTao:“Chen He,Stop being narcissistic,Super brother’s tricky person must be me。”</p>
Zheng Kaidao on the side:“I don’t like listening to you,especiallybaby,I admit that you are beautiful,But you can’t think of it beautifully,God is fair,Gave you beauty,IQ must be recovered。”</p>
babyRolled his eyes angrily,The big black cow beside him spread his hands,Tao:“Co-author you all think,Su Luo and I have the lowest IQ。”</p>
Su Luo was shot while lying down,He spoke:“Do not,Brother Chen,You may have misunderstood,You are the bottom,I am not necessarily。”</p>
Li Chen’s mouth twitched,He is an honest man,It must be no one else。</p>
Chen Hedao:“Keep watching,Keep watching,The next step is how he divides it。”</p>
First of all, Brother Chao picked up the picture of the big black cow,And the six eyes here are staring,Li Chen’s heart hangs。</p>
then,Super brother directly put the picture of the big black cow at the end“4”s position,By the way, I explained,Tao:“Morning,He is very capable,But instead his brain may,You know……”Super brother gave the camera a look。</p>
“And this game happens to be playing IQ,So his threat is the most。”</p>