Carlos looked at Meri in confusion.A look at winter wind。
“Lord Meri,You underestimated me。”
“Oh?Then the Grand Marshal of the Alliance who was underestimated by the old man,Do you see any way out of the old man’s acrobatics?”
no doubt,Meri.Dongfeng believes that Carlos’s viewing of memory images over and over again is a manifestation of his depression,So it’s exciting。
“of course,I see something。”
Carlos stood up,Carry Farina on her back, who has been disarmed and unconscious。
“Let’s go,Meri.Lord Winter Wind,Time to save the world。”
Carlos strode out,Steady pace,There is no hint of panic and decadence,Meri.Dongfeng asked curiously。
“So what are you going to do?”
“Reach out,Tooth extraction。”
Carlos replied decisively。
Time back to five days ago。
location:Barrier gate。
Tirion.Fording secretly met with Gavinrad。
Refer to barriers,Maybe many people don’t know where,But if the undead natural disaster breaks out,Then this place will be called the barrier of the dead。
It is a place of victory to contain the areas of Lordaeron and Hearthglen,In the days when Carlos is away,The old father-in-law Terenas built a permanent defense facility at this crucial obstacle.,And appointed Gavinrad, the first-generation paladin commander。