“But I really don’t have time to fight。”Shen Huan shook his head,“I9Going to university in January,And then study mathematics,Have to write songs,There are still a lot of things to do in China。”

Kobe is speechless:“You know playing basketball,Can i bring you much income?”
“What are you doing with so much money?”Shen Huan looked at him strangely,“I have money!I donated everything quickly3000Ten thousand dollars,Do you think if i like money,Can this be done?”
Kobe and Iverson see each other。
They all know this,Before they were still praising,Shen Huan is different from most basketball players,Is a full-fledged role model。
I didn’t expect Shen Huan’s attitude to be so determined,I still feel I don’t have time to play basketball。
Is the attraction of basketball too weak??
seems like it。
For Shen Huan,Make your own music,And scientific research,Are more interesting than playing basketball。
It doesn’t matter what money it is。
The two can also tell,Shen Huan didn’t pretend。
Putting aside his donation, he almost donated all his property.,Shen Huan came to the United States,I have never bought clothes, shoes or luxury goods,The only car is from Little Buss,Otherwise, he will go out everywhere。
So pure-hearted17Year old,They haven’t seen it in their entire lives。
Not interested in money,Then basketball loses a large part of its appeal。
“But the spirit of fighting on the basketball court,And the joy of victory,Doesn’t it all make a man proud??”Iverson wants to work hard。
“And those beautiful.Women,As long as you succeed,I promise the Hollywood actresses around you、Model、Celebrities and so on,No problem changing one every day!”Kobe started to persuade from the other side,“Really can’t do,Vanessa has a bunch of resources for female students,I will introduce you,It is not difficult to win。”