“Yue Ge,In order to convince the family,I have to find a partner tonight。In their view,My value is getting married and finishing school,As for the others,I can’t do it。I want to take a good look at the world,I want to be an excellent artist like Brother Yue,But the family never gave me a chance。”

Lu Shanshan said:“Opportunities are for themselves。You have no chance now,Does not mean there will be no in the future,Many times you have to take the first step。”
The girl saw Lu Shanshan willing to pay attention to her,Eyes widened:“Brother Yue, are you willing to help me?”
Lu Shanshan shook her head:“you are wrong,I just encourage you。I am now a mud bodhisattva crossing the river,Unable to help themselves,I can not help you。You can only rely on yourself。”
Girl frowns slightly:“What can i do,Yue Ge,Do you think people like me don’t rely on home,Can i get in the circle?Maybe he died before he took the first step。”
Lu Shanshan thought in her heart,In fact, she has fear in her heart many times。Just compared to fear,Life is more important。When I entered Tianduan,She never thought how far she could go。I never even thought that an agent would ask her。She thought she would keep going,But fortunately,Hong Yun picked her from the trash。But at that time Hong Yun needed someone,So there is not much choice。
So Shen Zhiyue was full of resentment towards Hong Yun,Lu Shanshan will still understand。After all, if there was no Hong Yun’s excavation,She may not be in the circle。
Chapter One Hundred and Fifty Three Two rivals!
If Lu Shanshan can’t make it,She and Shen Zhiyue will never meet。have gratitude,Thinking she could find her own happiness,Hong Yun is also credited。
Lu Shanshan said to the girl:“I don’t know if you really want to be in the circle,Still have fun,But I think you should take it seriously,If you want to get into the circle,You can send out your information。Maybe an agent will meet you。You said your family’s value is only school and marriage,Most women in this world are like this。If you want to jump out of this vicious circle,It depends on extraordinary strength。”
The girl is a little unhappy:“So for so long,You just don’t want to help me。”
Lu Shanshan said:“how can I help you,I don’t even know who you are,And I don’t let you think that you have the perseverance to survive until the day you leave the country。”
The girl’s face is black:“Shen Zhiyue,You are not the only one who can help me in this world,There are so many people in this world who are better than you,I don’t believe I have to rely on you。”
Lu Shanshan doesn’t want to pester the girl either:“Please close the door,I’m going to wash my face。”
The girl scolded viciously:“Sissy。”
This saying that ordinary boys are absolutely insulting,But for Lu Shanshan, it doesn’t hurt or itchy。