“Maybe I just restrained them。”Xu Xuan smiled and pointed to Smart on the Celtics side.。

Nice atmosphere on the Knicks side,Of course I am in a good mood without two consecutive defeats,Even if the preseason is just for fun。
13number,Knicks return home to face the Toronto Raptors。
This is Xu Xuan’s first home game in his life,He originally thought he would be enthusiastically cheered by the home fans,but.Reality gave him a big mouth。
“Come on!Demar!”
“You are so handsome Demar!”
“I want to give you the monkey Kyle!”
Xu Xuan was stunned。
He poked little Tim next to him·Hardaway’s shoulder:“Buddy,What’s happening here?”
Little Tim·Hardaway seems to be used to it,He shrugged:“OK,Buddy,You have to get used to this,it’s here,Even Carmelo is not the first choice for fans!”
“Hehe,I am here,Pretty beauties,Do you want to discuss life together tonight?”Little Tim·Hardaway doesn’t feel ashamed,Although nobody cares about him,But he still clings to the side of the auditorium with a face。
Xu Xuan covers his face with his hands,What kind of strange teammates and strange fans are all this?
They actually went to support the visiting team at home,Nima is really outrageous。
Too presumptuous these fans!
Xu Xuan set himself a small goal,In him“Lifetime”,I have to take this stock of Madison Square Garden“Unhealthy trends”Correct it!
Today Xu Xuan is back on the bench again,The old fish mentioned Langston again。