Konoha Village。

Konoha Yilaku Ramen Second Branch。
Shun Huo, who woke up after the lunch break, stared blankly【Clone item management log】,Like a kid,There are many question marks。
I just took a nap,Why so many things happened。
Going to get the ransom and unexpectedly ran into Konoha Anbe,Finally, Naruto and Sasuke were summoned.,That’s all,There was a fire on both sides at the end, it was instantaneous fire that did not expect it,But it’s good news that Uchiha Itachi revealed to Sasuke that he was an undercover agent.。
Shun Huo has already figured out his future road to whitewashing。
Then it will be revealed that SHIELD has the ability to monitor you,But as the deputy director, I keep hiding it from you,So you can continue to be undercover in SHIELD。
Yes,Actually I am not the deputy director of SHIELD,I am also a twenty-five son。
We have a common goal,That is to defeat the S.H.I.。
Chapter Thirty Seven I have saved140Smoked
“so,Did your mission fail?”
Shunhuo looks ugly,After knowing that I can’t get the remaining money,He feels bad,And Raimon Electric was taken back by Konoha。
Although I know that Uchiha Itachi deliberately told Sasuke,But instant fire can’t punish Itachi Uchiha。
First of all,SHIELD now has few members,It’s only instant fire,Uchiha Itachi,The four of Hafeng Mizumon and Uzumaki Kushina。
Secondly,Shun Huo washes itself for the future,The current setting for myself is also the high-ranking 25th boy of SHIELD,So he can’t punish Itachi Uchiha who is also the second or fifth S.H.I.E.L.D.。