“How do you think your opponent is playing?Xu Xuan took it60Minute。”
“He is a magical guy,In fact, we thought of countless ways to target him,I want him to be uncomfortable,But it’s a pity,None of us did it,He is full48minute。”Although James believes that his poor performance led to the loss,But still full of praise for Xu Xuan。
This is not a compliment,This is a fact!
He played a few minutes less than Xu Xuan in this game,But still exhausted。
Xu Xuan played the whole game.
“Then James,Will you be frustrated after this game?Will this affect your next game??”
“Does not,Anything can happen on the court,We will adjust our mindset,Win the next game!”
James said loudly。
He won’t be depressed at this time,In fact,He is ready to fight the Pacers in his heart。
The disabled Pacers could reach the finals last season,Also won them one game,The complete Pacers this season is no reason to be weaker than last season。
of course,Pacers improved,The Cavaliers have also improved,James values his opponents,But not despise yourself。
Tyronn who has not left the field·Coach Lu doesn’t know what his mood is like now。
He can feel the complicated thoughts in his heart now。
Do not believe!
Still don’t believe!
Not unable to lose,I really can’t believe it!
Even if the game is over,Even if the facts are in front of him,He can’t believe it’s true!
With the exception of James, the Cavaliers are all in the silence of not knowing how to lose.。
And Xuan fans and Pacers fans who were suppressed by the Cavaliers fans for a whole game are now caring!