“Uchiha Shin,Hand over the technology of copying and writing round eyes,So i can save your life。”
Shun Huo will never do things like picking up sesame seeds and losing watermelon,He decided to get the things in front of him before talking,As for the purpose of revealing oneself,Shun Huo didn’t worry at all。
Or,Worry is useless。
Uchiha Itachi, two or five boys, will definitely tell Sasuke that he wants to copy the technique of writing round eyes.,Don’t even think about it。
A dart suddenly swept across the instant fire,Shot at Uchiha Shin’s head。
Uchiha Itachi is staring at Sasuke,Naturally unaware,As for Sasuke,Although he noticed this dart in an instant,But he didn’t make a sound reminder。
Anyway, it wasn’t aimed at me and Zorana,So he didn’t care。
Whether it’s killing Huoyun Cthulhu,Huskies or adults Uchiha Shin,All things he wants to see。
The instant fire who has not experienced the life of a ninja naturally did not notice this dart。
I saw the adult Uchiha Shin who died in front of me,There is only a moment of fear,At the same time, review your own behavior when you turn on the system,Decided to earnestly implement the creed of life in the future。
then,Just heartache。