Li Qingqiu sitting on the sofa,Said to the group of people tied up in front of you。

“impossible,I have been with Brother Biao for two years,Brother Biao won’t give up on me。”
The bully glared at Li Qingqiu,Said viciously。
Li Qingqiu got up and poured a glass of wine,Sip。
“is it,You have been here for so long,Did he come to save you?”
“Brother Biao will definitely come,You don’t provoke divorce here,When Brother Biao took us in the dark world,After saying that, we will develop together!”
Li Qingqiu smashed the wine glass on the table。
“When I was in the dark world,Chen Biao is just a little brother!Why he can rise so quickly?Does it rely on compassion??”
Li Qingqiu’s aura is very strong。
“Chen Biao’s personality,I know better than you,I think you can see some,There is no one in his eyes except himself!It’s impossible to put you at ease!How he treats you,You all know it in your heart。”
Everyone is silent。