Kawaki glanced at Toyu and Sarana,Mouse Yu and Zorana also nodded slightly in response。
Even though she was covering Zorana to the coffin,Rescue Naruto through the power of reincarnation eyes,But the most important thing is how to get past Cauder,Boro,Armado’s line of defense,Chuanmu is completely clueless。
Even Amado, who doesn’t have much fighting ability,,Rely on all kinds of weird scientific endurance tools,Fighting is also quite tricky。
Under the sign of the mouse,Toyu and Kawaki approached Sarana at the same time。
Shuyu took out the smoke bomb from his ninja bag,Still on the ground,A cloud of white smoke instantly filled。
“Oh,It’s really an old ninja fighting style。”
Kad squinted his eyes and stared at the three people shrouded in white mist in front of him, smiling and saying。
Since the end of the Fourth Ninja War,After the scientific endurance has been sufficiently developed,Props like smoke bombs have gradually withdrawn from the stage of history,Otherwise, they won’t worry about the business of their shop every day.。
Even though the family is pretty rich every day,But Tiantian who has been single has rarely received financial assistance from his parents.。
The smoke is gone,Three figures from the left,Right and facing towards Cauder,Boro,Amado rushed over。
The mouse rushes to Cauder standing on the right,Zorana rushed to Amado, who was standing on the left,Chuanmu rushed towards Boluo standing in the middle。
“Fire escape·The Art of Fireball!”
“not bad,You who kept pouting at ninjutsu when you had a wedge,Unexpectedly after losing the wedge,He is so proficient in the use of ninjutsu。”The fireball hit Bo Luo’s body,Did not cause any scars to Boluo,“But it’s not enough!”
Kawaki’s attack is not over,While performing the art of fireball,He took out two swords from his ninja bag。