“The players of both sides played a very high level of competition。”

“Kobe and Olajuwon pick and roll!Jordan is hooked by Olajuwon!Kobe successfully switched to Ewing to attack!”
“Remember the scene of Kobe with Ewing at the beginning of the season!”
“Kobe pulls the ball back and forth!Ewing’s huge body swayed from side to side!”
“Broke through!Kobe suddenly accelerates!”
“Ewing backed quickly!”
“Do not!Kobe pulled the ball back with a crotch!”
“After the hip was lowered, another body front change was made!”
“Butterfly step through flower!Kobe used Iverson’s trick!”
“fall down!Ewing fell!”
“Kobe mid-range shot!Hit!”
“Kobe spread his hands,Showing a helpless expression,As if Ewing fell to the ground was not his intention。”
“Ankle terminator,Kobe the Bone Collector,There is another beautiful collection in his collection。Ewing the gorilla,Became his dead soul!”
“The fans at the scene shouted loudlyKOBEKOBEKOBE!”
“This is my son suck!”Jojo is wearing8Jersey,Leaping high,Waving towel in hand,trueTMpride!
The fans on one side showed envious eyes,Let old Joe enjoy it very much。
This style!Handsome!
The same is true of having children!