Wan Zonghua frowned too,Said:“Yang’s housekeeper personally delivered it。”

The Mandarin nodded,Said thoughtfully:“It seems,The South has been in an eventful autumn recently,They don’t worry about me。”
Wan Zonghua naturally knows the meaning of the central family。
They sent a housekeeper to deliver the letter,Let the Mandarin go to Central China,This is obviously the use value of the Mandarin has exhausted,Looking for a new person,To take charge of Konoha City instead of the Mandarin。
For the benefit of this group,Do everything。
If the Manchu really returns to the family in the middle,,In order to keep a lot of secrets,Do everything。
And under normal circumstances,With their means and heart,I’m afraid the Manchus have to give them this life。
“Mandarin,Bad luck。”Wan Zonghua looked very nervous。
The Manchu naturally knows what the Yang family does,If I really go back to Yang’s house this time,,There is only a dead end。
The only kindness the Yang family has for them,Saved them twenty years ago,after that,Began to squeeze their value,we can even say,Didn’t treat them as human,It’s just a dog。
The Mandarin gave a bitter smile,Helped the Yang family for so many years,I ended up with this,Be with you like a tiger。
“Zong Hua,How many years have you been with me。”
Wan Zonghua was shocked,Mandarin
Suddenly asked this question,How can I feel like parting…
“Count,Since we first met,It’s been twenty years。”
The Mandarin nodded。
“Twenty years,Zong Hua,You followed me for twenty years,Time to liberate。”
Wan Zonghua frowned。
“Mandarin,What do you mean。”