Don’t want to treat,Then no treat,Can’t it??

and also,It surprised me that,Your vision is so bad,And found a son-in-law who ran business waste。”
Aunt Li laughed。
“So what?
I am happy,You can’t eat grapes,Can only say grape acid。”
Finished,Turned to look at Lin Yu:“Isn’t it embarrassing enough??
Stand here blankly。”
Really bad luck。
I knew when I went out,I just look at the almanac。
“mom,Don’t lose your temper。
It is my fault,Next time i see you chat with someone,I will never go up to say hello again。”
Seeing my mother look angry,Lu Yingying persuaded。
“This shame is lost to aliens,Can i not lose my temper?
I wink at you,Sign not to come,I have to come here to be ashamed。”
Words fall,Pull open the chair in front of you,Just wanted to sit down,Seems to think of something again。
“Don’t you need to go to work?
This noon,Run here to eat?”