“I agree!”

Sun Yan’s righteous words,“I love Donger so much,How am i willing to leave her?I will have a baby after I get married,You can’t drive me away!”
She knows,This is Shen Huan telling her about benefits in advance。
After all, she only uses it now,There is no amount of parents and family。
As long as she follows Han Donger from now on,That’s really a person who can be ascended to heaven alone,The whole family can benefit!
As a woman,Is there anything more important than family members??
Besides, Han Donger is so kind to her,Although I’m a little arrogant on weekdays,Not talkative,But she is definitely a very simple and lovely girl!
Han Dong’er couldn’t help laughing when he saw this,That smile blooming,Made Shen Huan stare at it。
This girl is truly unique in her country!
I really want to see it earlier,How beautiful will the daughter she gave birth to herself!
First741chapter Awaiting judgment
Han Donger only stayed in Huajing for three days,And took Sun Yan back to Lin’an。
Shen Huan has been with her these days,I cook for her every day。
Professional chef(Historical)Craftsmanship,That’s not blowing,Sun Yan who eats and drinks is greasy every time,I will settle down in Shen’s house,Really a right decision。
Han Donger doesn’t like to eat too much meat,Shen Huan’s vegetarian dishes and stewed dishes for her,She also liked it very much,I can eat a small bowl of rice every time。