“No problem,”Zhan Li took the baton,Smiled,“If you don’t worry,Then you follow me to swim。”

Fang Hao thought for a while,This is also an opportunity to show your warm man’s design,So nodded and said:“OK then。”
It’s not too hard to swim again anyway。
Although he doesn’t like Zhan Li’s character,But I have to admit,This woman is incredibly good in her looks and figure,Follow her behind and guard her,Not only can show your warm man’s design,You can feast your eyes。
There are not many opportunities like this。
After this time,I don’t know if I will have a chance to swim with a beautiful star next time.。
When Zhan Li swam past,Fang Hao followed her,It’s two or three meters away from her。
Although it’s not good looking too focused,But it’s a blessing。
In this process,Zhan Li did not show up,Although the speed is not fast,But I still swim slowly to the other side。
Then rest for a while in the shallow water,Recovered a bit,Swam back again。
Fang Hao continues to follow her behind。
When swimming to the middle of the river,Zhan Li really wants to repeat the same trick,Another leg cramp。
But she thought for a moment,Still feel too late,Always do this,It’s not good if people doubt it。
Fame,Can’t be ruined。
Finally, he swam back steadily,Handed the baton to Wu Xuan who was shivering with cold。
Wu Xuan’s face turned pale with cold,There is some trembling in the voice,Fang Hao said:“Brother Hao……Can you……Protect me behind me……The water is too cold……I’m afraid I will cramp……”
Where is Fang Hao interested in escorting a man across the river?