Uchiha Itachi could clearly feel,My bloodstain disease is getting worse,Keep going,I should not insist that the Holy Grail War is over。

Re-adjusted my mentality,Uchiha Itachi moves in the direction of the boy Sasuke。
Uchiha Itachi knows that he can’t hold on for long,So he decided before he left,Try to increase the hatred of young Sasuke towards him as much as possible。
Now that Sasuke of this era has finally achieved happiness,Then it proves that my decision is correct。
Originally, Uchiha Itachi decided to play a wave for Sarana,But after thinking about it, I really can’t get it.,Besides,Sasuke in this era is much stronger than himself,should–>>
Can protect Zoranna。
Seeing young Naruto pierced in the chest by young Sasuke’s chidori,The blogger said subconsciously。
It should have been a losing-lose situation,But at the last moment,The spiral pill in Naruto’s hand disappeared。
Relying on his arrogant body as a human pillar,After Shaking Naruto a few times,I quickly stabilized my body,Holding Sasuke’s arm that pierced his chest with his backhand“Sasuke,come back,Sakura misses you every day。”
In the time and space of young Naruto,Sasuke has defected to the village and went to Oshe Maru。
Sasuke, who longed for power, hesitated!
Although a bit unreasonable,But this is the power of Naruto’s mouth!
“Is that your breath?,Sasuke,Since you can’t do it,Let me do it。”
Young Naruto couldn’t think of it,I will be the first to be eliminated in the Holy Grail War。
The young Naruto gradually turned into a light spot and gradually disappeared。
After hearing the voice of the blogger,The attention of the young Naruto returned from the young Sasuke to Bo Ren。