Hill is no nonsense,Break through immediately after observing the players’ positions on the field!

slow!Slowed down!
In Bowen’s eyes,Grant Hill’s speed is experiencing45After minutes of intense confrontation,Finally slowed down!
Guard him!
Bowen keeps up with Hill,It sticks to Hill like a brown candy。
And Hill didn’t make a breakthrough this time.!
No one thought!
Last moment!Hill dropped the ball!
Dropped the ball in front of a losing player!
“mine!”Bruce Bowen ignores the sluggish Hill,Flying into the air like a basketball rolling away。
Even if the ball has rolled off the court!
“stand up!”Kobe shouted,The audience on the sidelines quickly got up,Bowen dodging the fallen。
Bowen Tumble!Roll towards the ball!Hit a chair on the sidelines in the middle,Fell to the ground instantly。