‘’Li Pei spoke smoothly。‘’Then you really like the travel articles I wrote,right,‘’Chen Tong grinned‘’Do not misunderstand,I also like to read travel articles,Because these are the experiences of others,He will maximize the beauty of good or bad scenery,We can’t fully see the truest side of the physical scene,And poetry,It’s not like it was made by you,Such a forcibly combined article,Can please some readers,But for people like me who demand to restore their true colors to life and scenery,I can’t appreciate those things,Sorry!

Chapter 7 Bright Moon Raises Head 6
‘’Bosom friend,You are my soulmate,In the word,I haven’t heard this kind of voice from my heart for a long time。
‘’‘’No need to draw conclusions so quickly,I said it according to my inner thoughts,Many people don’t like it!
‘’Li Pei said‘’I’m the type other than many people,Those engaged in cultural industries like us need to hear the real opinions of others,And it’s professional advice!
‘’‘’In this case,That’s best,If you need to comment in the future,I can help!‘’Li Pei shrugged and said。
Finally found a smile on Li Pei’s face,Chen Tong thinks they still have a common language,At least they are all literary youth,The term at that time was a fashionable and noble noun,But a few years later,Times have changed a lot,Spiritual civilization no longer goes with material civilization,Changes in values,Let more and more people lose this belief and pursuit,Make it pale!
Chapter 7 Bright Moon Raises Head 7
The firework party will start soon,A square square,In the middle is a small attic,There are a lot of wood fire and an iron bull’s head,There are several fire sticks and masks placed underground。
The square is surrounded by a slope-shaped lawn,People have occupied the first place,In a while,A black crowd surrounded the square,The lights are directed towards the center of the stage from all angles,The music rang,The host made a short program interaction,The following shows start one after another。
First choice is the torch festival ceremony of ethnic minorities,A group of people in strange costumes gathered from the four corners of the square,They twist their bodies,Shouting‘’Hey Hey Hey,Kaba kaba‘’tone,They have torches in their hands,Swaying in the air,With the climax of music,They twisted more intensely,More cheerful,Surrounded by one wave after another,They run to the stage,Throw the torch into the brazier,Raise hands and cheer loudly!
The first show is to support the atmosphere,Everyone watched quietly,Looking forward to the wonderful presentation later!
Chapter 7 Bright Moon Raises Head 8
After two shows,Finally it’s time for the fireworks to shine,Host:‘’Start‘’,The sky across the river is instantly illuminated,Then several colors draw a brilliant rainbow in the sky,There was a shout and cheer among the crowd。
‘’very beautiful,Just the most beautiful night sky I have seen in my life,‘’Li Pei’s voice is not very loud,Like to tell myself,But Chen Tong still heard clearly,He is very pleased that today’s show can win her likes。