Just take a look,Can also comprehend this boxing technique。

then,Beat others。
this one,Even oneself,It’s impossible。
But the Lin Yu in front of me,Actually did it。
Could it be that,He is really ancient physique?
If so,After that,Martial art,There will be an existence beyond me。
“Correct,Patron,His comprehension,Just so powerful。”
“we,All saw。”
All disciples,After hearing the words of the cabinet owner,All nodded。
“it is good,In this case。”
“Na Linyu,Participate in this competition。”
“but,Only practice for three days,Will fight,Very dangerous。”
“Lin Yu,You decide for yourself,Do you want to participate?”
Patron,But not that kind,Forcing people。
Everyone recommend Lin Yu,Oneself,Of course I have to ask about Lin Yu’s opinion。
“Patron,I have no opinion。”
“but,I just came in,Have nothing to learn。”