Brother Property Nodded:“all hit,Several residents of the Lu family are just like you said recently。Mrs. Lu would go in and out with a few rich wives in the past,In addition to going out shopping early in the morning,,No other time period。”

Lu Shanshan knows,Lu’s situation is worse than she thought,Lu Shihong’s current wife Zhang Lan always loves to go to celebrities,I always like to put on my fingers,Close up with the popular fairy wives。I have to go out to buy vegetables recently,Really surprising。
Lu Shanshan chatted with the administrator for a while,I think it’s not early and close to get off work,Say goodbye to the administrator。
Lu Shanshan walked to Lu’s Villa,She looked at the house that had lived for nearly 20 years and couldn’t help feeling,Once she thought she was the little princess in this villa,Can be worry-free forever,Live with parents who love you。Someday she meets someone she likes,Let the husband buy the villa next door as a wedding house。She only knew when she grew up,She is just an accessory of her father。When my father is happy, he takes her out to show it,Sweep her out when you get upset。Although she insisted on taking her mother Lin Tong away,But my father didn’t keep,After she and her mother moved to a village in the city,,Father Lu Shihong never came to visit。It seems that their mother and daughter have nothing to do with him。
Lu Shanshan should have understood,Blood relationship does not increase intimacy between people,Money。
“Xiaoling,You come back to me。Your dad won’t see you after get off work,He’s going to curse again。”Zhang Lan’s shout came from the room。
Lu Shanshan squatted down immediately,Shen Zhiyue’s body is too tall,It’s easy to be spotted if you don’t squat。
“fart,I don’t have a dad like him,Betrayed her daughter for money。Why am i,Why didn’t he give Lu Shanshan to Yuan Shu?Yuan Shu, a second married man,Ugly and old,Head is almost bald,Want me to marry him,I would rather die。”
Lu Shanshan feels a little bit,No wonder Lu’s news has ceased these past two days,It turns out that my father got on the big ship of President Yuan。
Zhang Lan took her daughter and said:“Keep your voice down。If there is no President Yuan,We are already bankrupt。It’s this time,Can you be more obedient。”
Lu Ling naturally refuses:“How are you mother,Do you bear to watch me marry a smelly old man?”
Zhang Lan said:“Mr. Yuan is only 38 years old,Where is old?A man in his thirties has no emotional experience that is terrible。Don’t you think i don’t know,You run to the Mercury studio all day,Isn’t it just for the mona kid??You are crazy about that kid,As a result, people use you as a tool。When Mercury Studio started,You pay and contribute,Now the studio is on the road,You have a problem and he kicked you away,You stay home for a few days,Did he come to visit you?He doesn’t have you in his heart。child,I agreed to marry Mr. Yuan because of you,Always bigger than you,Know how to tolerate you,Take care of you。child,I won’t hurt you。”
Lu Ling continues to quarrel:“I just don’t marry,Old man Yuan is missing a wife,Let him find Lu Shanshan。Her surname is Lu,Older than me,To marry,She should marry。And she owes my family a life,Their mother and daughter are both murderers,These two bitches cannot be punished by law,Then let me punish them。If they still have a conscience,This time you should marry President Yuan for me。”
Lu Shanshan who has been eavesdropping in the corner is blocked,She will never forget the scene of Zhang Lan’s miscarriage。If she knew Zhang Lan was pregnant sooner,,She won’t make a big noise,If she didn’t quarrel with Zhang Lan’s mother and daughter,,Zhang Lan won’t be so angry。She owes Zhang Lan’s mother and daughter anyway。