Gu Mingyi considered,Can you really invite people who are almost kicked next year??

Hemp egg,This is a huge problem。
When Gu Mingyi began to worry about the students,Online as Lu Yuxin hoped,The information began to spread in an explosive manner。
After all, I found an inhuman,Everyone wants more people to be shocked。
You can’t just reflect on whether your brain has developed less,It’s king to make everyone feel this way。
So these people began to spontaneously help publicize today’s Burning Brain。
On Weibo“Burn your brain and kick the pavilion guest”Start to board the hot search,The heat is also rising。
Kick-off videos have been covered a lotUPThe main edit came out,Start to capture various video sites,And circle of friends。
Even Wang Yufei’s emoticons have been made。
One of them is very classic。
I chose a picture taken from the video of Wang Yufei looking sideways on the screen,Text below:“people?Do not,You are just a creature!”
All of the above,Let the program continue to rise。
Live broadcast of Chinese and foreign intellectuals、The president of Intel personally watched and so on. The gimmick soon attracted more people to pay attention to the next burning brain,And transformed into an audience。
The ratings and online popularity are rising。
Basically reached Lu Yuxin’s previous expectations。