Although I am not facing a white python,No scales on the body,But there are folds,Thick skin layers and folds densely covered,Gan Yifan is not difficult to move,Even easier than dealing with white pythons。

He clasped his fingers tightly against the skin folds,The body avoids the sandworm’s mouth attack,Wait for the sandworm’s head to cross over,He kept on,Kick,Jump in the direction where Wu Heng fell。
“Do you have anything?”
“Nothing,Bite shoulder。”Wu Heng’s shoulder clothes are torn,Showing blue skin,There are only a few scratches on the top,I can’t even talk about blood marks。
“Okay,Bit the shoulder。”Gan Yifan breathed a sigh of relief,Looking back at the sandworm but it has disappeared。
“Burrowed down。”A student soldier panicked and shouted。
For others,Visible sandworms and invisible sandworms are two concepts,I can see at least a defense,Know which direction to hide,Invisible words,You don’t know when it appears,Where will it come out。
but,Gan Yifan is different,He has experience in catching hares,Quite rich,Immediately lie on the ground and listen carefully。
A while,He jumped up and pulled Wu Heng,“Sandworm went into the lake,Hurry up with me。”
“where are they?”
“I can only take you away。”Gan Yifan tells the truth,Bring Wu Heng at his speed to escape the sand worms,No more people。
Wu Heng gave him a push,“you go first。”
“How about you?”
“Instructor Huang will be there soon,I hold on,You go!”Wu Heng ran back after talking,Continue to protect that group of student soldiers。
Gan Yifan was taken aback,Express helpless。For others,He doesn’t care,But Wu Heng is different。Wu Heng will not leave,He won’t go。
“that whoever……The private came over to help。”Two Shuixing instructors shouted at him together。
Giant sandworms are new creatures to humans,Yesterday, the two corpses of sandworms were transferred by water transport to the Beijing General Administration at the fastest speed.,But time is too short after all,Researchers from the three departments of the General Administration have just received sandworm bodies,Research reports are not coming out so quickly,Unable to determine whether the giant sandworm is a mutant,Naturally, it is impossible to develop effective methods against giant sandworms。
The Secret Service Operations Team at the front line,There is only a preliminary conclusion,Sandworms fear fire。