“Xiaozhen,value!One-tenth of the family property saved her daughter’s life,Isn’t it cost-effective enough??”

Madam Du also tried her best to persuade Guan Xiaozhen,It seems that before she came,We have already reached some kind of cooperative relationship with Xuanqingzi,Mo Xiaosheng even suspected that she and Xuan Qingzi conspired to cheat the Li family together。
“Row,As long as the master can save my daughter,My husband, let me talk!”
Guan Xiaozhen gritted her teeth,Agreed,After all, money is something outside the body,Daughter’s life is more important。
“But you must tell me first,How can you save my daughter?”But Guan Xiaozhen is not stupid,I’m still going to ask Xuanqingzi what to do first。
First0281Zhang Nitian changed his fate
Actually before this,Guan Xiaozhen has heard of Xuan Qingzi’s name,Know that he has deep attainments in metaphysics,But this does not mean that he can solve the pandemic,So it’s better to ask in advance。
When Xuan Qingzi heard this, she straightened her chest and raised her head,No hurry to answer,Put on an unpredictable look and asked:“Actually like Miss Li’s situation,Is the so-called‘Destined’,Want to crack,Can only‘Change fate’,Madam, do you know who the first person in history who successfully changed his fate was??”
Guan Xiaozhen shook her head,Answered honestly:“do not know。”
Although she knows a lot about metaphysics in recent years,But I haven’t heard of anyone who has ever changed their fate。
“Do you know Mrs. Tang Taizong?”Xuanqingzi didn’t sell Guanzi either,Bluntly,“He is actually the most successful person to change his fate!”
“Tang Taizong Li Shimin?”Guan Xiaozhen was a little surprised,Puzzled:“Grandmaster,how do I say this?”
She seems to have never heard of Li Shimin’s fate?
“Li Shimin was not born with the ninth-five fate,So he was not an emperor,But he initiated the change of Xuanwumen,Imprisoned father,Kill brother,Push the palace,Against destiny and relationship,This is defiance!”
Xuan Qingzi looked serious,Said in a serious way,“It stands to reason that he is going to be condemned,Within three years,Don’t talk about the throne,You have to lose your life!”
Guan Xiaozhen was surprised at hearing,It turns out that this Xuanwu Gate change is against the fate of heaven!