Chen Xiu is vicious,Never look back,Backhand lightly,The tip of the sword hit his throat。

The ancestor of the white tiger was taken aback,It’s like hitting the tip of the sword,At this moment, he has no room for change.,I can only watch the tip of the sword get closer and closer to my throat,Scared Huarong pale。
Fortunately, at this time, the ancestor Qinglong bumped out from the side,The ancestor Baihu flew out at once,Chen Xiu’s sword pierced into the arm of the ancestor Qinglong,The green corpse blood flows from the wound,Deep visible bone。
The body structure of zombies is different from ordinary people,More than ten times stronger than humans,A copper skin and iron bone。
But once injured, irreversible wounds will occur。
This sword stabbed so deep,The right arm of the ancestor Qinglong can be said to be scrapped。
Qinglong ancestor is also a ruthless person,Knowing that his arm has been abolished,I cut off my arm with a knife in my left palm,At the same time rushing to face Chen Xiu is a fierce attack。
Facing a desperate man,Chen Xiu won’t fight him recklessly,It’s retreating while holding the sword,Left a few more sword marks on the Azure Dragon ancestor。
The ancestor of Baihu saw that the momentum was wrong,Turn around and run away,Shouted:“Qinglong,You hold on。
I’ll call someone to rescue you!”
Chen Xiu wanted to chase, but was stopped by the ancestor of Qinglong.。
Chen Xiu said with a wry smile:“Qinglong,I don’t know if you are really stupid or fake,You broke your arm to save him,Bai Hu obviously took the opportunity to escape,You still protect him like this!”
Qinglong snorted,Said sharply:“Laozi and Baihu have known each other for thousands of years,Naturally know that this old boy is not righteous。
But he is not righteous,I can’t help but talk about loyalty!”
Chen Xiu shakes his wrist,A few dazzling sword flowers,Qinglong is not in a hurry yet,The tip of the sword is already under his throat,Said quietly:“To be a loyal person will cost your life!”
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