Chapter Two Hundred and Three:Fulfill promise,Nervous Lin Heng。

Everyone present looked at Zhu Nancai’s body in a daze。
No one would have thought that this strange man actually dared to kill the city lord here!
Yaoxue covers her mouth,Looked at all this in shock,Look at the man,When touching his eyes,A sense of familiarity。
“time to go”
Fuming glanced at Yao Xue,Now Zhu Nan, the only threat to Yaoxue, is dead,I have done my promise to her。
Thunder Wing appeared behind,Then fluttered his wings and left here。
“fast,Bring the lord back!”
The guard stepped forward and covered it.
Chapter Two Hundred and Four:Goodbye Yoon Tae,Strong fatherly love!
Fuming landed not far from the city gate,Transformed into Ye Ming’s appearance,Walked into the city。
Those who are familiar with the road have found the Yin’s union,Walked into the hall。
“Hello,Can i help you?”
“Hello there,My name is Ye Ming,Please call your meeting host!”
Fuming said his name directly,I still trust Yoon Tae in my heart,When I learned from the blood master that Yin Tai ordered all branches to find him,I was still quite touched in my heart。