Lu Haocheng ignored him,road:“Blue,Be,let’s go。”

Lin Wei,Ask:“Is it going to go to the charity party??”
Lu Haochi nodded faintly。
Lin Wei is bright,Laugh:“Hao Jun,Eternal heart this evening,you say,Who will spend?,I am looking forward。”
Lu Haocheng looked at him,Mysteriously outlined a smile,Faint tone:“I am looking forward too。”
Eternal heart,Can only be his wife of Hao Cheng。
Blue Xin got up,Looked an eye,ask:“What is the heart of Eternal??”
Lin Wei heard,I looked at her.:“Blue Director,Don’t you know that eternal heart??”
Blue Xin looked at her,I remembered it in an instant.,“You said,Now the most popular neck art,For women,Can you increase glamor and always keep light and bright??”
Lin Wei nodded quickly,“good,But the eternal star auction this evening is different from other eternal stars.,She is known by the famous designersPersonally build,You have to go this evening,You can take a look at its special。
That is the global limited edition,Only this one is put on the market.。”
Blue Xin is slightly surprised to watch Lin Biao,“That is not very famous?”
Lin Wei laughs:“Exceeding your imagination。”
Lan Xin nodded,“a while,I must have a big look at it.。”
Lu Haozheng smiled,“Blue,Let’s go first,You still have to change your clothes.?”
Blue Xindao:“Um!Let it go。”
Blue Xin looked at Lin Biao,Smile:“Forest designer,goodbye!”
Lin Wei also waved toward her.,“goodbye!”
Lu Haocheng took Blue Xin to get on the bus,Asked:“Blue,Are you OK?”
Blue Xin knows what he refers to,She smiles coldly:“What can I have?,But it is a woman who loves to pick a wrong.,I am not put in my eyes.。”
Lu Haocheng laughed:“Blue,I know that you have suffered a lot of grievances.。”
Blue Xin red lips slightly smile,road:“Lu Hao Cheng,People living in the world,Who is unbearable。
I am fine.,Let it go。
We have to go and join them.?”
Lu Haocheng looked at the emperor,Nodded,Launching the car leaves。
The banquet is located in a magnificent hall,Men are so exciting together,Talk over a wide。
Women are cold,Talking about new hairstyle and clothing,Some sharing food and talking about gossip。
Lu Hao Cheng,Blue Xin,Muzi,European,Constis,Le Yu hits together。
Several people are gorgeous,Amazing,Temperament dust,Come in,There is a bright hall in the hall.。
Blue Xinjing,Candlelight on the long table,Plus the top light,Creating a mysterious and warm atmosphere,Map of light shadow。
Table with exquisite dishes and snacks,Seductive aroma,Make people’s appetite。
Blue Xin swallows a spit,She seems to have dinner yet.?
Le Yu looked at Blue Xinyi’s face,Can’t help but laugh。
She low channel:“Blue,Eat more。”
Blue Xin looked at her mysterious smile,I nodded slowly.,“it is good!Gather,I will not help but eat more.。”
NS764chapter:I do not regret
She is simple today.,Not lost,Set of white elegant suites,Let her practice and elegant。