Shen Siyin This young lady,She has a little compassion for her because of her illness.,But,But never like it。

She doesn’t like her.,Not because she has vicious、Calculation。
But because of her fear shrinkage,In front of Xiao Shaoshuai,She seems to be a while、Craven。
Can,She is crying in her eyes、懦 沉 茵,Lips laugh,Ridge:“Xiao Zong Han hate me,Grudge,I http://www.sshack.cncan’t explain it.,Even if I explain,He will not believe。”
“I am waiting,I thought as long as I waited for it.,He will take the initiative to believe in one day. 。”
Her laugh is more and more,The bitterness of the mouth is deep:“But,I am afraid that I can’t wait.……”
None of the cold temperature,Stomach angina,Pull away,Deng Siyin pale cheeks,The fine sweat is seep over,Handsome,Blue context under the skin visible……
Chu Qing’s eyes are a complex look。
She thought the meditation,Despicable、Private cowardly。
In front of you,But persistent stupid、Perseverance……This Shen Siyin,Is it a Shen Siyin she know??
“Chu girl,Hear these,Are you satisfied??Do you believe??”Shen Siyin biting his teeth,Body angina trembling,She strives to endure,Even a smile。
Chu Qingyi sucks a sigh of breath。 yyls
She looked at Shen Siji, did not say her letter or did not believe.,Instead, from their own bag,Take out a piece of paper。
What is this??
Shen Siji did not pick up。
Chu Qingxi puts the sheet to her hand.:“This is the attending doctor of my sister.,From Western,Good medical skills,People are also good。”
Shen Siji low,Looking at the contact details,“Thank you。”
“Let’s take a look.,Now,I am going with you.。”
Shen Siyin’s eyes have been scrape:“Chu girl doesn’t believe me?Feel,I even lie to you.?”Clencopin,Her ridge straight straight:“Whether you believe it or not,What is it??”Turn away。
But the next moment,The body is like a butterfly falling in the wind.,Fall into the ground。
Hospital,Getting pure white。
Shen Sijun slowly opened his eyes。
Next moment,I saw it standing by her.、One face is inexplicably。
“Here……A hospital?”Shen Siyin voice is dry,Chu Qingzhen gave her a glass of water,Hand to her hand。
“Thank you。”Shen Siyins received water,A bit。
“you are pregnant。”One sentence,Stone breaks。
The cup of the hand in the hand is in the body,Water wets the quilt on her body,Her voice trembles,But hide the unchecked ecstasy:“you、What did you say、Me……pregnant? !”
“Be,you are pregnant,The child has been more than four months。”Really difficult for her,There were no accidents in several times of the three times by Xiao Zongwan.:“you do not know?”Chu Qingzhen asked。
“Not、I don’t know。”Shen Siyin is still in the ecstasy。
Chu Qingwei looked at her look,I am not a taste in my heart.,Opening:“You can’t keep this child。”
“Not,”Pensive Yin mouth,She looked looked at Chu Qingming,Eye gland shines:“I want to leave him.!”