Since I learned that my mind is the identity of ancient martial arts.,In the summer, I don’t believe that my mind is sick and die.。

Just let him investigate,I can’t check the spider silk mushroom,Even a trace of traces and clues。
This sentence is now saying,Just confirmed his guess。
But don’t mean that the summer’s mind can calm。
Although he did not get along with the mind,But at the time of school,He often can see him at the school gate.。
I want to come now.,He is really just to see himself.。
So many years,He can realize that he is hidden in the depths of his eyes.。
“I am not clear.。”
He really said,Shake your head,“When I saw him last time,He said that he has been hurt.,It seems to have a very strange poison,Medical examination,It is an emergency in the stomach。”
Summary is some disappointed。
Next,He asked some things that he wanted to know.。
Unfortunately, each other is also limited。
Finally, He said,“Many things I am just talking about it.,You still need to invest in it yourself.,I can only confirm,At the beginning, your father was a big chess.,He is a person who holds,Including you Huaxia Huomen School,Guardian,And many valve national and forces,Are his chess pieces,I didn’t know what happened.,Unexpected。”
He put his hand,Stop summer inquiry,“I have already told you.,Press your Chinese people,And my father’s relationship with your father,I can take you old, I can regard you for the younger generation.。”
He looks straight to the summer,Sincerely,“Summer,Listen to my words,Island。After all, this is my motherland.,If you continue to make it?,I will be difficult to do,The key is if the two people do,I am afraid that I will stop.,I know that you are not afraid.,I don’t even care about life and death.,But you have to consider your friends and family.……”
I said that I said that I said the other party.,What can I say in summer?。
They are going to leave。
Just, the front of the past is deliberately provocative.,Two people have a breath。
“Right,There is a madman who is called herpan to find us.……”
Summer is coming to the previous one。
And after hearing, he is not angry,He said,“He indeed found me,I want me to shoot,I tell him to deal with this matter personally.。”
He shook his head,Slowly,“Just didn’t think,Phenquder is actually radical……Think,Should have a picture。”
Three people are smart people。
Some words don’t need to go deep。
Although some are not angry,But the two still decided to leave。
He is accompanied by the whole process,No shilly super master is full of strange shelves。
Not monitoring them。
He tells two people very frank.,Ration,It is to prevent some of some families from the home.。
It seems to monitor them,In fact, it is shocking those small。
Until two people on the plane,Take the plane,He is really loose tone。
However, when he came out of the airport,A thin man went over。
He wears a very ordinary conjection,Not afraid that the identity of the super strong person,Asked coldly cold,“He Zhenjun,What do you mean?。”
He is just a light look at him,“High well,What does I do?,Do you still need to explain to you??If you want to fight with me,Send challenges to Musli Mountain。”
Men’s face named Gaoti,Drink,“Island,You are betrayal……That killing is unscrupulous in our country.……”
“Don’t tell yourself so just。”
He is turned,Sound,“What are you thinking?,I don’t know if I don’t know?,I advise you to disappear the thought as soon as possible.,If the killing is really so good,I am afraid that I have no bones.。”
Go for two steps,He stops,Turn around,“Tell you a message,His side has a guardian,I have seen it.,I am not an opponent。”