Laughing, Laughing, take a bathroom,I think about going to the amusement park today.。

Li Shuyu to take a look into the bathroom,I turned and looked at Gu Yi,“Recall,Let’s go to the amusement park today.,I said that you said to take me.,Later。”
“it is good,Go to the amusement park。”Gu Yi smiled and laughed against her.,As long as they are together,Where do you go?,Travel tourism can also,As long as she is happy。
Liuxu is happy to swear,Put down the usual unique proud,In front of Gu Yi,She is also very little woman。
After eating, the two will go directly to the amusement park.。
Li Shuzhen andkayIt’s hard to find the residence of Liuxu.,But I’m empty。
Surveillance linked mobile phone in Liuxu,In the case of Gu Yi not pay attention,Looked an eye monitoring,I saw the door to take a long time.。
“Bamboo,The front is the playground.,I will go to park first.,wait for me here。”Gu Yi looked at Li Shuyi and laughing。
Li Xu smiled nodded,His smile is very warm,It’s like ice and snow。
After getting off,Li Shuyi stationed in the gate of the playground waiting for Gu Yi。
At this time,Lu Haoheng and Lan Xin have already taken a ferris wheel.。
Blue Xin is a little fear,Tight holding Lu Haozheng’s arm,Dare to look at the side,I feel that my body is crispy,Heart has been mentioned。
Lu Haocheng smiled and held her.,Looking at her little bird is very cute.。
Looking at the highest point,Lu Haocheng suddenly explored:“Wife,I love you!”
Blue Xin:“……”
She surprised,Lu Haocheng said at this time“My wife I love you”She is quite surprised。
Just look at the luck,Slightly brought cold lips warm,His kiss is very heart,Blue Xin quickly entered the state。
Lu Hao Cheng is very happy,At that time, I saw a sentence on the Internet.。
At the moment of ferris wheel,Kiss your favorite woman,This will be together for a lifetime,Happiness in a lifetime。
Ning is credible,Untrustworthy,Even this is a legend,But the legend is so beautiful,He believes that it will be blessed。
He knows that I want to be very naive,But I still want to do this.。
Love power,Nothing。
For a long time,Lu Haocheng is reluctant to let go.。
Blue Xin Xiaoyu,I realized my unforgettable love in Lu Hao Cheng’s affectionate kiss.。
She suddenly remembered,The highest point of the ferrous wheel。
Although Lu Haocheng did not pick up,But Blue Xin is still as sweet as it is like a honey.。
Now she finally knows,Why did he have a big man who wants to come to the amusement park?。
Lu Haocheng looked at her cute appearance,I can’t help but take a look at her Qiong nose.,“Gimmick,Silly。”
Blue Xinye:“You are still stupid?。”
Blue Xin has rely on him:“I just feel very happy now.。”
“Hey-hey……”Lu Hao Cheng smiled whisper,Warm sun shrouded in two people,As their love is warm and sweet。
Two people under the ferris wheel,Blue Xin is a little thirsty,Lu Hao Cheng to buy juice。
There are a lot of people around,Many of them are playing with children.,A lot of couples。