Xia Jian busy with what happened tonight,Tell Xia Fei from beginning to end,Xia Fei looked at Xia Jian and said:“I didn’t expect you to be a master at fighting”

First0621chapter Seeing the water came out
Xia Jian scratched his head with embarrassment,After all, he is said to be a master of fight,This does not seem to be a very glorious thing。Xia Fei thought for a while and said:“Nothing,I’m here tonight,They don’t usually show up。These guys are very well informed,But you’d better stop doing it in the future”
“It’s not okay if you don’t shoot in http://www.yx-sc.cn this situation!”Xia Jian helplessly shook his head and said。
Xia Fei nodded in understanding。Everyone, it’s almost time,So he bowed down the stairs。It’s half past twelve by now。The check-out process is still very smooth。
One out of the hotel door,Xia Jian saw some young people walking back and forth on the side of the street at a glance,I feel like waiting for them。Xia Fei’s car stopped at the front entrance of the hotel。Everyone gets in the car,Xia Fei put enough horsepower to let the car rush out of the parking lot,A sharp turn on the main road。
Xia Fei drove the car,Smiled:“Playing with me is still tender“
Xia Fei turned this car into a racing car,Although the car is a little less at this time,But not even one,Her car keeps going aroundSType route run,This makes the people in the car very worried。
Xia Fei drove a big circle in the http://www.tlccrew.cn city,This is the high speed,Xia Jian understood the woman’s mind。No loss is a policeman,She just wanted to get rid of her tail。
When leaving a high-speed toll station,Here comes the problem,I saw two traffic policemen walk over,Patted Xia Fei’s car window and said:“Park the car aside“Xia Jianyi listen,Panic,They are going to catch a plane,The police stopped the car and didn’t know what was wrong,Will it take a long time??
“Sorry,Please tell me something,I have to hurry“Xia Fei smiled and said to the police。
Which police officer said at this moment:“Your car was speeding badly just now,It can be said that I have overtaken all the way,We check you“
Xia Fei smiled and said:“Have special circumstances“She handed out a small book,Which policeman has a look,Busy returning the notebook,Then made a pass gesture。
Xia Jian’s heart was let go。Boarding is fairly easy,Xia Jian sent Alice and Ruth into the security checkpoint before turning around and ran out。
Xia Fei in the car is dozing off,Xia Jianyi goes up,She was suddenly full of energy。Xia Jian said embarrassedly:“I am sorry,It aroused you in the middle of the night。
“See what you said,You are Gu Yue’s friend,Naturally my friend of Xia Fei,Let’s talk about anything in the future,Maybe I http://www.what001.cn can help you,After all, stay here after graduation”Xia Fei said,While driving the car fast。
Two people chatted very happily in the car,Xia Jian did not expect,Xia Fei has so many common topics。When Xia Jian is delivered to the door of his residence,It’s past three o’clock。