She can’t pay for Su Sei Ming。

Ou Jingzhen slightly,Looking at Su Sei Ming,Some face is sinking,“If you have anything, you said the first hair
Su Sei Ming:“……”How did he be a bad guy in the woman’s eyes??
He just watched Ning Feifei,He just wants to ask,“Ning Feifei,Does your family are generous to you??”
He is like asking such a sentence。
He looked at the European,“European,What are you saying??
I am still unfairness here.?
I haven’t complained yet.?
You can’t figure it out first.,I have not violently jumped.?”
Ou Jing is faint,Look like the first,“Don’t bully Feifei。”
Su Sei Ming:“……”How did he feel that Ning Feifei is very angry?,What did he say??
“What did I say??
How can I bully her?。”
Su Sei Ming’s eyes look at Ning Feifei,“Fifi,you say,When will I bully you??”
Ning Feifei flashed,Some innocent,Why do you have a pool every time??
“You don’t bully me,I just think that your problem may be very drilled.,I am afraid that I can’t answer my answer.。”
Su Shengming heard this,Fright,Confuse,Not solve。
His emotions must be like a volcanic.。
Looking at Ning Feifei to yourself,Flood beast,Revocation,His emotions are really out of control.。
“Good,I don’t say anything.,Nothing。”
He gave himself a cup of boring wine,Go back。
Ou Jingyi still faceless,Su Shengming smiled and gave him a cup。
Blue Xin looked at Su Seiming,Laugh,Not talking,Ask Ningfifi:“Fifi,You go out today to turn a circle,Is there any harvest??”
She transferred topics,Everyone is also so embarrassed。
Ning Feifei is more interested in this topic。
Talk to Blue Xinyan。
Her streets took a lot of new and other new, which she thought, good, to Lan Xin。Bamboo81祌文全んttps:/xEight1zщ/
Su Sei Ming took a look at the two women,It is depressed。
There is more words between women and women.。
NS1143chapter:There is no regret.
Su Sei Ming’s temper is a bit hot,Come quickly,Go away。
Soon and Ou Jing chat,He is hot,Can Europe, just occasionally“Um。”
“This is the case。”
“Be right。”
Lu Hao Cheng also answers like this。
Less than ten minutes,Instantly cast the hot heart of Su Shengming。
He looked at Lin Ye,“Lin Ye,Do you have such a single dog?,How do I feel so much??”