“Hum,What is the use?,How much is worth?”

NS2358Chapter Worship
Summer is stunned。
Looking at Miao Yi low low head,Watch your finger。
How can he see,This woman is changing to the money.。
Summer has not hoped。
The corner of the mouth evaches a self-deprecating,Immediately,“Miss Miao please rest assured,After you have finished your child,Be sure to http://www.aintron.cn thank。”
Toned,He is sinking,“Mr. Hu deliberately,Will pay for Miss Miss 5 million。”
“Five million?”
Miao Yi stood up,But I don’t want to use your door.,Does not help。
Summer a arrow,Support her,Paddle cold sweat。
Miao Yi is uncomfortable,Still asked,“Five million……Is it a dollar??”
“Be a dollar。”
“What are you waiting for,Hurry。”
Miao Yi has been can’t wait,Now,“Right,You have a driving。”
“Open。Not far from outside the door。”
Miao Yi nodded,Quite satisfactory,Going away from the leisure pace。
Soon arrived outside,And I saw the Mercedes-Benz that stopped.600,Miao Yi face is a unique smile。
“Right,I want to know some things.,Don’t know if you are convenient to answer??”
She is walking,As asked in love。
“Miss Mi wants to know what。”
Miao Yi’s eyes flashed http://www.bssea.cn a light color,“child……Will you recognize his father??”
Summer stunned,Spiral,“Meet,to be exact,I am dispatched by my father.,Mr. Hu is also the child’s father’s hand。”
Miao Yi frowned,“Since this,Why……Do you know the result of this matter??”
Summer has long thought of answers,Say,“At the beginning, the father of the child has not been a home.,No girlfriend,The old man wants to hold her grandson,So I have to have such an idea.。”
“So this is ah。”
Miao Yi reveals the color,It’s just that the color of the eyes is getting obvious.,“So to say,My father should be a big family in Huaxia.。Right,Then there is a girlfriend now??”
Miao Yi’s eyes flashing,Soon converge,Asked,“Then her girlfriend has a child??”
Summer laughing,“Not。”
Speech,The two have already come to the near-front of Mercedes-Benz.。
“Click one’s tongue……”
Miao Yi mouth praised,Take this brand new Mercedes600,Gloss。
“Miss Mi,Truck。”
Summer smiled and opened the door。