Women’s face is rare,But I am so dead neck,“I am studying with you.,Harsh,Please don’t ask me to eat,Don’t ask,give change!”
“you are vicious!”
Summer is not hesitant,Dressed women without a hint of a thumbs up。
“You are currently!”
Summer is too lazy for her,Take a big step。
Mushroom cool,Even if your IQ is not enough,Can you force someone else’s IQ?。
Even if it is idiots, you can see you.,Still here, tireless performance。
“Feed,Where are we going to eat??”
The woman chased it up.,Looking at summer depression expression,Happily,“Let’s talk about it first.,Can you be small?,After all, I gave you a billion.。”
Summer twist head,Despise。
“What is your eyes??”
The woman is not cool.,“Do you know how big is your own?,It should be me for a loss.,See you don’t want to look,Then you still find money.。”
Summer mouth smashed,“Then you said.,Where to eat。”
The woman’s eyes are gathered.,“There is a western restaurant nearby.,Go there.。”
This time,Summer is very happy。
When they came to a western restaurant named Man Shiya,Summer regret it quickly。
He looked at the woman,“This is a good Western restaurant?This is the top West restaurant.?”
The woman nodded for granted.,“Although this is one of the top Western Restaurants in Mola,But in my eyes,Also just not bad,Don’t forget,I will give you a billion.。”
Sighing in summer,“Don’t regret。”
After the end,Walk in just walk。
Woman smiling,Step by step。
Go for two steps,What did she think of thinking?,Looking at the back of the summer,I have a hit and worry in my eyes.。
“This fool,I am so obvious.,I can’t see it.?”
Sigh,The scorpion is gradually determined,Some kind of obsession overcome reason。
She slowly reached out, unlocking a button in the black robe。
Be right。
She is taking off her clothes。
high speed,After three steps,Take the black robe off。
As a woman,The Man Shi Leayi Restaurant is indeed one of the highest level of Western Restaurants in Mola.。
When you come in,The woman has taken off the black robe.。
Guests who are eating in the restaurant,Originally just plays,But immediately retracting the eyes,Brush again。