Summer, such as a moment of tiger,Fast speed to the extreme,The fourth guy only feels in front of him.,Vicious wind。

He’s consciousness is in front,Squeaky,Summer whip legs have been in their arms。
This leg is fast,Heavy terrible,How can the arm be blocked?。
With the discounted arm, I went to his head.。
This guy’s figure is back,Backward,Oversized,The last bit of plants。
Summer is lightning,Anti-fist,Wash his wrist,A drag,A little。
“Ah……”Screaming,He is like a heavy truck crashed out.,I hit the people who rushed behind.,Suddenly a mess。
Next,Summer is like an angry rhinoceros into the crowd。
Bow knee,Step elbow,Hand knife whip leg……Hit,Connect to the kick,Every time you shoot, there is a tragone.,Hey, thoughts, is like a hammer.,Nothing stop in one second。
Doraemon,This almost one side of the battle continued for more than ten seconds。
In addition to the strong brother standing still,More than 10 大,All poured on the ground。
Inner central,Summer standing here,Smashing,Stare with strong brother,Do not speak。
No need to put,There is no need for a winner that is high on top.。
Some is just like a sea in the sea.。
This is in the eyes of the people who fall around around.,This is the real Yaowu Yangwei。
And unable to cover the shock。
Although people speaking more ancient and modern action films in the film and television,Those protagonists have five,A dozen pictures are not uncommon。
When it is out of the film and television appears during reality,The visual impact brought,Never be moving with film and television。
That hit,That a whip leg,That note,The speed and strength exhibited,And unable to describe fluency,What is expressed is not just bloody violence。
Take a dazzling fan。
Strong brother’s face is difficult to see the pole,It can be said that it is anger。
I am afraid that he is stupid.,This time I kicked it on the iron board.。
He thinks that it is also a personal family.,But in more than ten seconds,Hard to find a chance to find out。
Even if there is no chance to sneak attack。
In front of this backpack, it looks like a wanderer.,Every time you use the gap to block him.。
But now,Cannot be returned。
Not only is it all over the hand,There are so many people watching。
Forced pressure,Summer,“I admit it to see it.,But you still don’t have a good end.……”Not finished,A guy who covered a belly suddenly called。
“Strong brother,Strong brother……Me,I know,I think of it.……”He pointed to the summer,A pair of eyes become incomparably bright,There is also a kind of greedless greed,“cell phone,on the phone……That reward……”This statement,Strong brother。
Not just him,The big man in the ground is staying all over the ground.,Following and their look,Dead stare at the summer。
Strong,What did you think of,Gaze,Incomparable hot。
He did not hesitate to touch the waist。
Next second。
His hand has a pistol,Black hole emission summer。