“Black devil……”He seems to be a little dying.,“you……How can I break my magistan?……”“puff。”

Summer does not answer,http://www.ljyg0591.cnQuick knife,At the same time, lift your strength,Town owner falls down。
Summer followed,Snake knife lightly,A knife swept,The other person’s head is rolled down。
Blood spray。
Summer falls on the ground,Quickly add two bodies to all the space that must be crystalline。
Figure,I want to leave this place.。
Surface look,It seems that there are many luck to kill these two people.。
In fact,Everything is in the summer account。
He has now entered the eighth,Polar!The initial color rainbow attack power,Not borrowed,Instead, it has become。
His battle is comparable to the middle of the sea.。
And the town owner is just the realm of Ling Haijing.。
At his approach,And the other party,Potential to cause spike。
In other words,In addition to failing to fly,Nowadays, the realm of summer is the mid-term,But the http://www.fstongye.cn power has reached the middle of the Linghai。
Summer is the first line。
And successful。
……Li Xiaoyue and Liu Qingqing hidden in a shadow of a building,Looking far at the position where the town mainfate is located。
“Depend,I think you have a little whimsy.。”
They have been waiting for half。
I have neither I see the black devil dressed as Wang Yu.,I didn’t hear anything of the town main house.。
Li Xiaoyue hunts,“We are wasting time.,Then,Even if the black devil is Wang Wei?。”
“not so good,Just a secret observation,If the potential is large enough,Strong strength,I decided to invest him.。”
Liu Yiyi hated iron, not a steel, I looked at Li Xiaoyue.,“Why don’t you grow up?,Choose a core disciple,From the future future。”
Li Xiaoyue does not matter,“Do we follow the big deacon??”
“Do you want to eat。”
Liu Yi has built a whisper,“All the spirits under the big deacon,Will allocate,You are picking yourself,Still waiting to be assigned?”
Toned,Also,“The flesh and moil of our two people,It has reached the level of Linghai.,Over the years,The soul is still unable to break through,Do you want to card here for a lifetime?。”
“Row,What you said is,I don’t……”Not finished,Liu Yiyi makes a gesture。
Li Xiaoyue,Immediately,At the same time。
“There are moving static inside,Someone is playing。”
Both people look at each other。
“Walk,Let’s go see。”
Two women are also bold big。
these years,I have deepened the world’s drug and experience several times.。