“Killing my pets I just bought in front of me,You are so familiar with you.,Now I want to revenge for pets.,You have stopped,Dictionary is a guy,Since it is so awkward!”

“山 劫。”
A ax directly to Lijiang River。
His sword has just stopped,But I found that this ax seems to be free.,Powerful,Be non-small。
Immediately use full power to resist。
When the Lijiang http://www.gofanb.cn River blocked Lin Xiangnao,
Resist the forest after this ax,Gloomy:
“Old party。Not,How often。”
“Yin Shenlin。You are still obsessed with,Don’t blame us to bully。”
Lin’s answer is naturally another wave of attacks on Lijiang River.。
“山 劫。”
“Just right。”
Lijiang River roar,Sword。
A sword,His body is huge by this huge force,Directly in the auction。
The old side of the side saw this,No longer,Unreportant,Take the knife to the forest and don’t leave.。
In his opinion,Lin rang is besieged by the three yuan baby,Death。
As for the one,Also coming。
Lin ring back,Ax gently。
Weapon collision,Everything around,Grunge is destroyed in an instant。
now,Zhong Xiu in the auction will see the Yuan Ying strong,Desperately escape。
The ruthless person is too stunned to sit there.。
Now http://www.jiangjun163.cn that all her mind has occurred last night.,So especially urgent hopes, Lin lived, killing them.。
The female Ni Ni, the teacher, the master is indifferent,Urgently shouted several times,The ruthless person will go back to the god up to flee from the auction.。
When they come out after a moment,The whole auction will collapse the ruins。
Lin responded only to the old side and Lijiang River。
A rainbow in the distance,Blink,It has formed a heaven。
“It turned out to be a butcher。”
Now the Yin Shenlin has been targeted by the three yuan,I am afraid that life is not long。
The old man said:
“Yin Shenlin does not blame us,It is the rule of you to accompany the rules.。”
Li Jianghe heard that the old side is still chattering,Impatient:
“Less and hey,Three together,Solve this person first first,Solve http://www.isweethome.cn more than night long dreams。”
The old side and the Nine Yin agreed.,Immediately ready to make。
Lin Ren does not have to care about himself by the three yuan baby.。
to him,This means that people who want to be hit.,Not ready to stay,When thoroughly solves them:
“You have just said something wrong.。”