And it stands to reason,Chen Erniu and Xia Sanhu will definitely come to play with him last night,But neither of these two came。According to Xia Jian analysis,Ma Yan did not tell these two people the news of his return,Or he brought Luo back,Chen Erniu and Xia Sanhu also feel disgusted。

Just when Xia Jianzheng was in a daze about this,Luo Yi shouted while standing in the yard:“Xia Jian!We can go”Xia Jian hurriedly responded,Hurried out of the room。
Xiping Village is quiet,I didn’t bump into a few people along the way。Luo Yi asked curiously:“A village like yours,Why no one?Did you all go out to work??”
“There is a cooperative in our village,There are several factories below。So most of the labor force in the village goes to work。As soon as the child goes to school,The old people stay at home。They won’t come out and walk around this time”Xia Jian patiently explained to Luo Yi。
Luo Yi, take two steps,Put her hand on Xia Jian’s arm。So it seems,Is a couple in love。
Xia Jian took Luo Yi,Walk towards Xichuan River。He wants to show Luo a look at the farm in their village,And vegetable greenhouses,These are things that Xia Jian is proud of。
Xichuan River is rushing,Thick ice has formed on the river。So the sound of the river,I can only hear it when I get closer。
One out of the village,The farmhouse on the roadside makes Xia Jian’s eyes shine。This place has really changed,On the original wasteland,All other farmhouses。And it also has its own characteristics when viewed from the outside,Show different regional customs。
“welcome!Please come in”A crisp voice came from behind。
Xia Jian surprised,Hurriedly looked back。No one else is standing behind him,It is Song Fang。Song Fang is very fashionable,I can’t tell that she is a farmer。
When Song Fang saw that the person who turned around was Xia Jianshi,She also opened her mouth wide in surprise。It took a long time to say:“It turned out that Xia Jian came back?This beauty has a raw face”
“Oh!This is your farmhouse?Is it built well??Hey!You seem to be the deputy head of Xiping Village,You should go to work at this time,How can you be here?”Xia Jian said,Changed the subject。Because he knew,Song Fang has many eyes,I have to stop her in advance。
Unexpectedly, Song Fang smiled:“You still have a lot of control。But i remind you,You are nothing now,So when you talk,Better think about it”
“it is good!I talk too much。Boss Song is busy,Let’s go ahead and have a look”Xia Jian said,Reach out deliberately,Gently stopped Luo Yi’s waist。The two walked very closely in the direction of the farm。