“Mr Martinis,Nothing good but,I am very sincere and hope to work and study with you。And I also explained to my boss why I would verbally criticize Yufei at the meeting。That’s all to blame for that Love,He asked me to say that,I was totally deceived by him!I heard that he will visit our laboratory later,I can confront him!”
Jackson·Rosie may know this is the most important level,Immediately said with a righteous expression。
That serious and upright look,Also completely conquered Old John。
“What is our laboratory?I haven’t said that I want you to be my assistant!According to you,You are by Love·Dracula hired?Then the problem is coming,Couldn’t that Mr. Dracula give you a bright future?Why did you come to our laboratory again?”Old John asked coldly。
Facing the doubts of his future boss,Jackson gave a confident smile,Replied with a firm tone:“Or you don’t believe,Because I like China very much,Love Chinese culture more。I even know a Chinese saying,Smart birds should choose better branches to rest。This is why I chose here。And obviously,Whether our boss is character,Or knowledge,Or the quality is much better than that of Mr. Dracula。”
The point is the last sentence。
I have to say that Jackson’s brainless flattery is a crooked http://www.bellivip.cn beating。It changed the impression of old John on the 32-year-old young physicist.。
Any praise for his idol,Can make him feel comfortable from the bottom of his heart。
Yes,Fans are such a magical intelligent creature。
When dealing with fans,Flattering him is far less effective than flattering fan idols。
If Jackson was crazy old John himself,High probability will only make the professor think that this product is not only a problem with his brain,Not very disciplined yet。
But praised Wang Yufei,But it made Old John think that this young man still understands a little bit of the truth and corrects it,And still very visionary,Ok,Although not as good as his vision,But it’s better than most people in this world。
Previous dislike of Jackson,Most of them were successfully transferred to Love·Dracula。
“Ok,For your knowledge,You work with me first。But i’m curious,Didn’t you ask that http://www.jiuxiyangsheng.cn Love·Why did Dracula ask you to speak at the meeting that discredited Yufei’s conjecture?”Old John asked angrily。
Thinking of Jackson’s speech that day,He can still feel extremely angry,Can’t help but ask。
“and many more,Excuse me,Since you are fairly satisfied with Jackson,Then I will hand him over to you first?”Wang Yufei took the opportunity to insert a sentence。
no way,In front of these two people,Wang Yufei can’t stand it anymore。
It’s a good thing to be praised,But two people are old enough to be his grandfather,The other can also be called uncle,If the two of them flatter him so seriously,Wang Yufei just feels that his cultivation is not enough,Except embarrassing,I don’t feel happy at all。
“Nothing,You don’t care about us。Go receive the last batch of VIPs。Oh,No way,We should go together,Right,Jackson?”Old John turned his head and asked Jackson。